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Fox Breeders

Breeders listed by country then state or province.


*Sheila Huff
Holly Pond, Alabama
E-mail: BJACK111@aol.com
Fennec Fox, Ringtail Cats, Cacomistle, Large Spot Gennet, Bennett Wallaby and Prevost Squirrels. All babies are bottle fed in her home.

*Layla Markley's Wild Adventures

*Mystic Garden Exotics
Van Buren, Arkansas 
(FOXES: All Red variations).

*Sheri Hanna - Exotic Endeavors
E-mail: sheri@exoticendeavors.com
Phone: 805-208-1759
Camarillo, CA
USDA Licensed Fennec Fox breeder.

*Rare Earth Ranch
Summer Wilson
 E-mail: summersrareearth@aol.com 
Phone: 850-623-6228
North Florida
She Breeds Toy Aussies, Bengals, Snakes, and Fennec Foxes. I would highly recommend her as she socializes her foxes better than any I have experienced before. My baby was from her and I would recommend her over any other breeder here.

*Danny Kolwyck
McAlpin, FL, Has Fennec Foxes.

*Julie's Jungle
Website: www.juliesjungle.com
North Florida
She sells Fennec foxes, Kinkajous, Servals, Caracals, & Suri Alpacas (However, she may take a while to respond to your inquiry and sells her Fennecs for $2200).

*Christa Barker
West Palm Beach, FL
Treetop Exotics
She is USDA licensed and usually has Fennecs for sale.

*Austin Harris
Deerfield Beach, FL
They run Underground Reptiles, and exotic pet store, and usually have Fennecs.

Palm Bay, FL 
She breeds Red Foxes

*Antonio Alentado
He has Pale Foxes 
Pricing - $1650

*Panhandle Exotics

4500 North Palafox St

Pensacola, FL 32505

(850) 542-4410


Website: www.panhandleexotics.com

*Jim Hammonds

Parrish, FL

Phone: 727-743-7178

Website: www.themonkeywhisperer.com

Breeds Fennecs and other exotics, asking price is $2500.

*Paul Miller Jr. (Broker)

He gets Fennec kits from breeders. 


Located in Cape Coral

*Hope Bennett
Phone: 706 348 7279
Cleveland, GA
Breeder of a few select exotics and rare breed livestock including: african crested porcupine, fennec fox, wallabies, wallaroos and red kangaros, bearcats (binturongs), patagonian cavy, muntjac deer, truly tiny potbelly pigs, a variety of sheep and goats and other livestock. Farm website is www.minilivestock.com company website is www.wildlifewonders.org

*Sandy Wild
Forreston, Illinois
She sells hand-fed Fennec babies. Raised in the house with kids, cats, and dogs, babies are tame, and is allowed to touch her mother Fennec's babies at 1 week of age. They are $2000 and she is a licensed USDA Facility.

*Tiny Tracks Exotic Animals
260-927-9716 4354 
County Road 60, Auburn, IN 46706
Foxes: Red, Silver, Pearl, Cross, White Mark, Marble, Fire and Ice, Gray, Arctics; fox breeding stock has been captive-bred since late 1940's.

*Lost River Game Farm
Bob Hudelson or Lacey Claborn
USDA and State Licensed, Red, Silver and Ranch foxes. Possibly Fennecs. 
Orleans, Indiana 

Denver, she has Arctic Foxes and Fennecs. She prefers you to call, she does not have a computer. Fennecs are $2,500.

*Sandy Wild
She is a USDA licensed Fennec breeder.

*Macon Magic
Tim & Gayla Self
Website: http://www.maconmagic.com
E-mail: mmexotic@rainbowtel.net
Phone: (785) 872-3137
Muscotah, KS 66058
Their menagerie consists of Fennec Foxes, Bobcats, African servals, Kinkajous, Coatimundis and Ringtail cats.

*Jan Holstege
Phone: (616)875-8284
She breeds Fennecs

Phone: (813)334-4680
Location: Lexington, MI
She Breeds Fennecs

*Awesome Exotics
Phone: (507)789-0100
Animals raised: Bobcats, Siberian lynx, Canadian lynx, cougars, Servals, black bears, wolves, fox, squirrels chipmunks, ground hogs and much more. We are a USDA licensed breeding facility that raises and sells healthy exotic/native animals. Shipping available.

*Jared Klein
Willmar, MN
Phone: (320)894-0331 
Breeds Red foxes and color morphs of Reds.

*Robert Franklin
Phone: (816) 540-5513
25707 E. 161St Street
Pleasant Hill, MO 64080
They raise Fennec Foxes as well as caracals, servals, coatimundis,
palm civets, Patagonian cavies, brush tail opossums, dama wallabys, chinchillas and snakes.

*Jenn Kass 
She runs Exotics R Us, and is an active breeder of Fennecs. 

*Rose Urlacher
Phone: (406) 875-2296 
2613 Lower Canal Road
Pompey Pillar, MT 59064
Offering hand raised, friendly Fennec foxes to loving homes. USDA and state licensed facility. 

*Dirk Milz 
Milford, New Jersey 

*Jack Jacinto
Also exotic animal shows. 

*Fawn Schneider 
Reds and Silvers, but doesn't ship. 

*Nature Nicks Animal Adventures
Sometimes has litters of Fennecs.

*Paul R. Wade
(513) 553 - 6330
Near Cincinnati, Ohio
He is a USDA licensed breeder of fennec foxes, domestic skunks & sugar gliders. These animals are sold as pets & breeders to persons knowlegable about their needs and care, and not to impulse buyers. You must be allowed by law to own the animal where you live. Expecting fox pups in March/April.

*Hillview Exotics
For mammals and waterfowl. She breeds rodents, foxes, raccoons, waterfowl, and exotic birds. Available foxes - Reds and Arctics.

*Wes's Exotic Animals
They breed Peacocks, Jersey Wooly Rabbits, Silver Foxes, Arctic Foxes, Red Foxes, Marble Foxes, Raccoons and Skunks

*Redmon Fox
jimredmon@woh.rr.com Ohio. (Red foxes)

*Donny Marlow
Dayton, Ohio 
Red Foxes Licensed Breeder. 

*Fox Hollow Sanctuary LLC
841 Scott's Ridge Rd.
Whipple, OH 45788
Phone: (740)473-9079

*Terrie Klontz
(405) 826-2032
USDA licensed located in Oklahoma, raises Fennec Foxes. All kits are hand raised and well socialized. Kits are ready to go to new homes once they are weaned. Before and after purchase support. References available. Can ship or buyer may pick up. 

*Melissa Meadows
Phone: (405)413-3157
Website: www.extremeanimals.org
Oklahoma City/Tuttle
They breed Fennec Foxes & Coatimundi. Our babies are all bottle fed by us to ensure you will get a sweet animal. All of our babies are around children & other animals so you can be ensured that they are well socialized babies who will be willing & ready to be loved by you! If you would like more information on our animals please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have!

*Camels and Exotics
Chris & Roy Comstock
Phone: 951-233-6530 
38765 Hwy 63 Talihina, OK 74571
Dromedary camels (some are white); African Servals; Bennett's wallabies; Muntjac Deer; Fennec Foxes; Ringtail Lemurs; Hairy Armadillos. Educational outreach program and on-site tours. 

*Backwoods Tails & Scales 
(405) 454-2836 
Harrah, Oklahoma. (FOXES: Arctic, Fennec, Gray, Ranch, Red, Silver)

*Lost Creek Farm 
Stillwater, OK (She breeds Gray Foxes)

*Keystone Exotics:
Website: www.keystoneexotics.com
Phone: (570) 259-0780 
Sunbury, Pennsylvania 
(FOXES: Red, Gray, and Arctic)
*Michael Frazier
2453 Howard Rd
Bybee, Tennessee
(423) 237-5885
He breeds many types of exotics including foxes.

*Maryann Smith
 E-mail: ismith@multipro.com
Phone: (931) 260-2952 
USDA licensed Breeder of Fennec Foxes. Offering hand-raised, bottle-fed Fennecs as pets. Handled to make good pets. Will ship.

*Mary Lou Redmond
Phone: 865-456-2901
Email: mlredmond2000@yahoo.com
Location: Knoxville
She breeds Fennec Foxes 

Phone: (423)721-0279
Del Rio, TN
USDA licensed breeder of Fennec Foxes. Hand raised babies. 

*Helen's Little Critters
P.O. Box 380704 San Antonio, Texas 78268
Phone (210) 256-8394

*Shannon Kiley - Pawstruk
Allen, TX
E-mail: info@pawstruk.com
We breed Fennec Foxes & also sell Fennec Fox related gift items.

*Kapi'yva Exotics
Breed all sorts of animals and also have a trio of Fennec Foxes

*Christy Davis 
Fairytail Foxes
Richmond, VA 

Green Bay, WI
They are a USDA facility that breeds Fennec Foxes and they ship. Are usually at Mount Hope Exotic Animal Sales.


*Northern Exotics
Sudbury Ontario, Canada
Phone: (705) 523-4650
E-mail: dennis.epp@uleth.ca
Dennis Epp is a breeder of a number of different exotic animals. He also does educational shows about exotic animals for schools.


*Kiko's ZooExoticos
Madrid, Spain
They have various exotics.


*Bernard Pichon
E-mail: b.pichon@urbanet.ch
CH-1054 MORRENS, Switzerland
He breeds Fennec foxes (I have not been able to contact him in a while, unsure if he is still breeding).