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I am a domestic fox (vulpes vulpes) breeder from Québec (the only legal & certified domestic fox breeder from Canada). Me and my associate breed various colors, including all types of marble, platinum (and platinum red), glacier blue (and red), silver, red, cross and we may breed a few others in the future. We can also obtain exotic fox species (corsac, swift, arcitc, gray, etc...) but only if requested. 2-3 years from now, we might start to breed corsac foxes too! www.tamethewild.webs.com or contact us.

My passions are photography, art of all kinds, and of course, animals. I have to admit, however, that I have a slightly big preference for foxes and felines :roll:

I've been an animal person since I was a little kid that could barely walk. It has always been a dream of mine to breed an animal. Initially, I planned on breeding cats, but then I met foxes at the Ecomuseum, and since then, my heart belongs to those beautiful creatures.

I have had other fox encounters before. In fact, I've always loved foxes, and when I look at the drawings I did when I was a baby, most of them represent foxes and cats, hehe.

I currently have 4 cats (a Cornish Rex, a Foldex, a shelter cat and a handicaped kitty I rescued www.facebook.com/TianaTheLittleCat) and 2 geckos (Crested gecko and leopard gecko).

I have had 4 other cats before, 3 lovable dogs, two chinchillas, two turtles, a mice, 4 hamsters, a snake, an european lizard, 3 hedgehogs, a Guinea pig, a Canadian quiscale, a black squirrel and a deer (that we saved from some poachers in Africa, but unfortunatly he died few weeks later because of severe diarrhea ) and farm animals such as chickens, pigs, turkeys and goats.

This spring 2013, between March and May 2013, a vulpes vulpes fox kit will come in my life and family. He/she will either be a beautiful champagne pink fox with blue eyes, a cinnamon platinum fox or a sapphire fox with blue eyes.

(In my heart, I tend to go more for the champagne pink fox, to be honest. They're considered the most beautiful foxes by fur farmers, and are among the rarest v. vulpes color variations).

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