Critter Camp Fennecs Critter Camp Fennecs Zoey Zoey or Zo-bug lives at Critter Camp because she has bitten people and went thru a few wobers before coming here- she is a nut, not potty trained at all- but lets me hold her- she is so cute! 76983755 Quiggly and Angel the cat Quiggers meeting Angel the cat, Quiggers is just here until his owners can find a house and can take him back 76983756 Quiggly on the stove You never know where he will be next 76983757 Zoey on the computer Little goofball on the monitor 76983758 Zoey & Quiggly Quiggly is checking out what Zoey has left to eat in her cage 76983760 Flash Flash was the best Fennec ever- he was so sweet- we miss him every day- he lived out his life happily here at Critter Camp after being passed around thru several owners- we adored him! 76983762 Gizmo Gizmo is checking out the Firefox Fennec application - he was only with us a short time- he had liver problems and passed early 76983763