In loving memory of KITA <3 In loving memory of KITA <3 177131134 177131335 177131336 177131338 177131339 She cuddled with the whole family 177131340 Movie time. 177131341 Her favorite naptime spot... 177131342 Making sure I'm still there 177131343 Extreme cuddling 177131344 Waking up from Nap Time 177131346 Simply PERFECT 177131347 Always welcomed at the table This is at a friend's house. I do not recommend this. She eventually learned that whenever I said "No", it was because there was something mysterious or delicious she HAD to have, and always went back to check... (only after we were finished we allowed her on the chairs of the table) 177131348 "Vuelta!" (means Twirl!) Using treats, I taught her to twirl around by saying the word and waving the treat and she followed. Eventually, she began twirling whenever she got excited or she saw something in my hand. 177131349 Her favorite pillow 177131350 The Fox and the Hound Kita and Dingo, my Jack Russel Terrier, eventually became friends. Dingo wanted to do the same things as Kita, trying to get her same attention from us ! SO CUTE !! 177131351 Enjoying some gold. Sun baths are always good... 177131352 Chilling on the couch. 177131353 Chilling on the bed. Also one of her favorite lay-down places. Fluffy bedspreads were the best to run around, and collapse when tired. 177131354