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Oh, the Bath Time

Posted on February 28, 2010 at 8:25 PM

None of my animals ever really liked baths, due to whatever circumstances. Some foxes like baths, some don't, depending on their personality type. Some LOVE it, and some HATE it.

Most foxes never like baths and because I made the mistake to not give her baths until she was older....This was the case. She saw the baths and was like, ZOMG! That clear wet stuff comes in bigger shapes than my water?! When I placed her gently in there, coddling her the whole time, she looked up like, Excuse me? You might say it's fine but, clearly, I don't like it! She would flail and whimper and get her point across that she was not happy with me, especially the look on her face. I could tell most of the time what she was thinking by her eyes. During bathtime her eyes would say, If only I wasn't a three pound midget, we'd see who holds who in the water. But eventually she got a little used to it and tolerated it with a pitiful look in her eyes. Eevee has the best personality of any Fennec fox I had ever met, she loved to held and petted and given attention to, and she never nipped, but she refused to be potty trained. I tried everything in my power to potty train her but she just felt like going wherever she wanted to go. :mad:

And my cat Alias, who has delt with the fox with patience, used to LOVE water, he would play in the sink, the bath, and ice cubes. He would play with his mini tennis balls and swim back and forth through the water. Until the one day. I was taking a bath myself (which is really rare since I never have the time to relax) and I actually had bought some bubble bath instead of being cheap and using shampoo, and I lowered myself into the mound of bubbles. Well, Alias jumped up onto the side of the tub, wondering where I had gone, when he fell in! He had gotten soap and bubbles all in his mouth and eyes, and ever since then, he associated the bad memory with the taste of bubble bath. He must have been thinking, You tricked me! That good smelling stuff tastes bad and stings! Our newest bath day was lovely, however, this time the cat just sat there as I held him down and rinsed. The only problem was he was letting out a deep, raspy meow that sounded like I was beating him. My next door neighbors were out walking and came over at one point to ask if everything was okay. :tongue:

I simply said, "Oh, it's the bath time."

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