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The Corsac Fox Fiasco

Posted on March 12, 2018 at 12:30 AM Comments comments (0)


She calls herself a breeder and has bred Klee Kai's and Fennecs, but she is not to be trusted. One day, Elina Darling, aka Elina Flashman, aka Elina Griffin, whose blog is here; www.theflashmans.blogspot.com, contacted me, saying there were a rare species of foxes I had wanted to adopt for sale in a local pet shop, Corsac Foxes, and she asked me if I wanted to adopt them. Our verbal agreement was that she would pick up the male/female Corsac Fox pair for me and drop them off at the airport.

However, the foxes turned out not to be tame, so she told me she had a breeder who also runs a zoo who she would be getting kits from in the spring time. This is the guy she was supposed to get multiple kits from. I said I would love having kits, and I would wait until her contact's foxes had babies. However, there were complications and no babies survived (This is all me going off of her word, who knows if it was all a lie).

So she found a broker who was questionable but he supposedly had two foxes, male and female, available. Well she found out that he fixed the females, because he didn't want anyone else to breed them. But her contact was supposed to have more baby foxes born, so we would switch the fixed female for an intact female so I would have a breeding pair of babies (Again, this is all going off of the fact I thought she was telling me the truth).

So I paid her $3,805 dollars, $3845 once the bank charged fees for the wire transfer, and she picked up the pair of foxes from the broker. However, the female was supposedly killed by the male, and I have never seen any evidence of this. Elina and her husband Andrew C. Griffin (who I sent the money to via bank transfer) both said they would 'gift' me kits for 'my loss' the following year when more were born. [All of this is in the messages I have saved between her and I]. 

However, she started telling me the male fox (Fable) wasn't tame, wouldn't make a good pet, etc. etc. and I should sell him. She also told me I would need someone to sign off on a paper to say he wasn't a protected animal so we could ship him to the US. Well after a month or two's worth of calling airports in the UK, calling airlines, brokers, etc. seeing how I could get these papers, I called the CITES office (the people Elina told me required the papers). However, they told me that I would never need papers since he is not a protected species and they didn't know who told me I would.

When I told Elina that, and that now we could schedule the flight, Elina tried to charge me 200 pounds more for food, she said. That equals $327.27 for food for almost two months. She also said she hadn't taken him to the Vet yet, so asked for more money there. While I already lost $1922 on the 'dead' female, I started to think this was a scam for money, with her asking $327 more, plus about $100 for Vet bills, plus shipping which I would have to pay about $382 (a quote from the airline). So all in all after she asked me for $3845 and failed to produce a female like we agreed on, she asked for a total of $809 more.

I started to feel like she was scamming me for the most money, and now my male baby fox, Fable, is supposedly still under her care. This is why I am not getting Corsac Foxes this year. Oh, and she slandered me on a forum called Sybil's Den, straight-up lying to them and bashing my name (I have messages between us in a PDF file proving she is lying). They also blocked me from the forums so I cannot defend myself.

I feel like the video she sent me of two Corsac foxes was only her own foxes in the video and she never actually picked them up. I hope by posting this, no one else will get scammed by her. I have been advised by many people everything she told me was probably a lie. I don't know what was real, and what was not, but watch out for her.

EDIT: This is from 2011, and I found out she is not a doctor, and that she has scammed many others in Europe since then. I found out also that she never even bought the foxes from the broker/pet shop, and that all the videos and pictures of what she sent me were her own foxes. So she stole illegally almost $4000 dollars from me. I tried to hire an international lawyer, but the fees would have been higher than the money she stole. Apparently in the words of someone in the UK with an animal rescue, "She is scum... Her reputation here is well known, but she has Americans fooled." BEWARE!

A Christmas Mistake

Posted on December 9, 2013 at 11:35 AM Comments comments (1)

Hi guys!

I just wanted to post something funny that happened after I put up the Christmas tree. First off, I knew if I just put the all the glittery stuff (ornaments, garland, snowflakes) up high she wouldn't mess too much with the tree branches, but this year I decided to get fake snow since it is so hot in December.

Well, the fake snow did not go down for two reasons. A, my cat thought it was so fun to pounce, and roll, and hide under. You would think an almost 5 year old cat would be over being so mnischievious. B, of course a fennec thinks things on the floor belong to her. so first she tried digging in it, to which I told her "NO." Then she tried buring herself and playing hide and go seek with the cat, to which I told her "NO." At this point I know she thought I was being a party pooper, but the last thing I wanted was for her to think it was acceptable to mess with and eat it.

Then, of course, she tried putting it in her mouth. I yelled at her again, yet everytime I wasn't looking, she thought it was okay to be all sneaky and swipe it. One time when I caught her, she plopped down like, "I swear I wasn't up to anything."

Long story short, we won't be having fake snow next year.

An Alias By Any Other Name

Posted on March 31, 2013 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (0)

I decided to introduce you all to my kitty, Alias.


His name is Alias because all my friends called him something different. One person liked 'Dante,' another liked 'Kitty,' and I wanted to name him 'Cairo.' Long story short, he didn't know his name so we started calling him Alias. And He uses the toilet and honestly, he misses less than I do. In the 4 years and a half I have had him, he only has had one accident. I didn't teach him to flush though, because he used to like to watch the water swirl. I was afraid he would sit there and flush, flush, flush, haha.


He has the coolest personality. He is one of the only breeds of cat that I am not allergic to. I am honestly not too much of a cat person, but he follows me everywhere and cries if I am home but leave him by himself in another room. He sits on the seat of a car with the window open and looks at all the cars/pedestrians. I saw a segment on Pet Star about a cat that could be trained to do tricks, so I taught him to sit, and my personal favorite is when I say "up." He will get on his hind legs and beg for a treat.


And I believe he is an F4? or Maybe an F5? I wasn't really paying attention when I adopted him, and his paperwork is here somewhere . . . Well, I just wanted a companion kitty. And he is a great companion for the fox. He is so calm and loves all other animals. He travels well being able to use the potty and loves my mom's Great Dane. The only time I have an issue is if I walk him on a leash, or bring him to the pet store and a dog starts growling at him.


I took the picture of him in the cart today on the way to go to the pet store to get fitted for a harness, and he was totally calm except for when this mini poodle started growling at him. He cried for me, then sat on my shoulder until the mean dog left. He is such a big baby. After the vicious poodle left (and I swear all small dogs have that Napoleon complex), he sat calmly on the floor on his leash while I fitted him for a harness.


I never thought I would have a pet cat, but now I can't imagine my life without him.

French Fry Mayhem

Posted on March 31, 2013 at 12:30 AM Comments comments (1)

Well, one time I left my french fries on the table from Mcdonald's (hey it's been like 6 months since I ate there). And of course baby foxes want to take advantage of you when you aren't paying attention. So she jumped up while I wasn't looking and carefully stole a french fry, not knowing what it was. She gave herself away by the AMAZINGLY loud shriek she gave.

It can be roughly translated as; Oh my gosh I didn't realize this is the best food in the history of ever! Humans must be Gods!

I have never heard her scream that loud out of excitement. She immediately tried to steal another one, and she was so lighting fast, she grabbed the bottom of the container. I grabbed the top so they didn't spill, and we were in a ridiculous tug-of-war. Well, long story short, the container ripped and they literally went flying everywhere like a movie.


Well, my cat heard the commotion, so he ran with his little fat belly over and grabbed as many fries as he could as she stuffed her mouth, screaming all the while with her mouth loaded with my fries, and I waited till she thought I wasn't looking and grabbed her back out of her cage. I put her in the bathroom while I cleaned up and bribed my cat out from under the bed with treats.

After cleaning up the greasy mess, the foxy learned all food I have is delicious treats sent from God, so she had immediately investigated my next few meals for weeks.

Bengal Cat vs. Fennec Fox

Posted on March 31, 2013 at 12:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Okay so one time, my kitty cat was being very cat-like and decided to nap in the middle of the floor. Well anything on the floor is fair game to a Fennec Fox. They own all the items that made their way to her level.

So Alias the kitty was peacefully sleeping in his favorite position, spread-legged with his tummy in the air. Well, he was too peaceful for any Fennec. She decided she would walk over to him, inspect that he was really sleeping, then pounce on his fat tummy.

Well, Alias decided if he ignored her, she might get bored with her little brain being as ADHD as it usually is. So he jumped up unto the couch and fell back asleep.

Guess who decided to jump up and onto his belly again? She just couldn't resist. So the cat decided maybe if he leaves the room he can sleep. He goes into my bedroom and lays there, slowly falling asleep. He is slightly snoring when in trots smunchy fox. She pounces so hard on his tummy he decides to pin her down and go back to sleep.

She looked up at me like, "Aw, I failed daddy."

Trapped Kit Fox Gets Ice Cream

Posted on March 31, 2013 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (1)


This story was too funny not to share, and I don't claim to own the rights to this clip it belongs to MSNBC. It was so adorable though and I just had to share. This is the Kit Fox, who was once so threatened in America and has an endangered subspecies called the San Joaquin Kit Fox.

These guys are often mistaken for baby Coyotes and shot or harvested for their fur. Although how can you think this cute little face is a coyote? Look at that smile - definitely a face anyone could love!

How to Speak Fennec Fox

Posted on March 31, 2013 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Today I decided to attempt at translating some of the noises they make (Notice how everything has an exclamation mark, this is because the Fennecs always get their point across with emphasis).


The Squeal:

Daddy, I love you! I haven't seen you in ages! Or, Daddy, I love it when you scratch my ears and tail! Or, Thank you thank you thank you for letting me out of the cage! Good morning daddy!


The Warble (usually a short lower-pitched noise):

Usually when they would face off with the cat, or get down low with their ears back as if to say 'I am not happy and things better start to go MY way!'


The Quiet Purr:

'This is so nice of you to rub my back and scratch my ears, Daddy. I am getting sleepy. This is comfy, right here . . . Yawn . . . I'm so relaxed. . .'


The Scream:



The Bark:

[Sounds just like a small dog] Give me attention please Daddy! You are not paying attention to me!


There are new noises everyday. I will always keep an eye out for more. Keep an eye out for the next post, I will be explaining the complicated relationship between Alias the Bengal cat and the Fennec Fox.

Fennec Fox Live on Jimmy Kimmel

Posted on March 30, 2013 at 5:40 PM Comments comments (0)

This is quite cute!

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Against my better judgement, I decided to open a Facebook account! If you would like to follow for now updates of us on the Website, check out

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Super Foxy FAIL

Posted on April 8, 2010 at 2:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Wow, this woman is supposed to be the representative of Seaworld and Busch Gardens. Watch what happens to the poor animal. She is so fired! This is the article;

During a segment on endangered animals on 'Today' (weekdays, 7AM ET on NBC), a Swift Fox makes a break for it and narrowly avoids leaping on anchor Matt Lauer.


As Julie Scardina, the Animal Ambassador for Seaworld and Busch Gardens, attempts to pass the animal off to a handler, it tries to jump to the floor and misses Lauer by inches.


"I thought he was coming for my throat," Lauer said. But, don't worry, Lauer fans. [Are there actually any?] The anchor doesn't seem to have been in any real danger; it appears the animal was simply trying to escape.


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Article can be seen here; http://insidetv.aol.com/2010/04/07/endangered-fox-leaps-at-matt-lauer-on-today-video/